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Please mail contributions to:

Baltimore City Community College Foundation, Inc.
2901 Liberty Heights Ave.
West Pavilion, Room 110
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Make checks payable to the BCCC Foundation, Inc.

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Ways To Give

You Can Make a Gift to BCCC Today

Gifts of Cash
Making a donation of cash is as simple as writing a check or authorizing a charge on your credit card. From your standpoint, it's no fuss, no bother. Find out how the BCCC Foundation can put your contribution to work without delay.

Gifts of Securities
Stock that has increased in value is one of the most popular assets used for charitable giving, once it has been held for a minimum of a year. Making a gift of securities to us offers you the chance to help our organization while realizing many important benefits for yourself. Always remember not to sell the stock but to ask your broker to transfer the actual stock electronically to the BCCC Foundation.

Gifts of Closely Held Stock
A donation of your closely held stock can be a fine way for you to make a sizable charitable contribution while realizing valuable tax benefits.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
If you're like many Americans, your financial future will likely revolve around your retirement plan assets. To maximize the value of a retirement account, consider making a lifetime gift of its after-tax values to a tax-exempt deferred giving plan.

Gifts of Real Estate
Using real estate, such as your house, farm or commercial property, to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive significant tax and income advantages, and make a larger charitable gift than anticipated.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Donating your life insurance could be a wonderful way to fulfill your desire to support our work. By making the BCCC Foundation the beneficiary of an existing policy, you make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a significant gift.

BCCC Foundation staff can work with you to decide the best use of your “life giving” where it will have the greatest impact for the College. As always, please consult your financial advisor, tax attorney or CPA before making these decisions or the Foundation can provide the name of a professional to work with you. Just call the BCCC Foundation at 410-209-6026 or visit our website, www.bcccfoundation.org.

2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215-7893

6764A Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215-9936

710 E. Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-4073